Author: Meghan Pond

Review: Joy In Motion Nail Pop-Rock On Debut EP ‘Falling Out’

Falling Out, the debut EP from Brisbane’s Joy In Motion, is a wonderful juxtaposition of catchy beats and hooks with lyrics that point out what’s wrong in life. It’s the feel good music you listen to when you want to say, it’s okay to not be okay. Opener Falling In is reminiscent of early Placebo days with lilting vocals and melodic synth backed by that solid rock band sound. The vocal harmonies in this track are the stand out feature, especially in the chorus. The lyrics compliment the music, offering poignant meaning without over-complicating or overpowering the sentiment. See...

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Review: Magenta Voyeur Switch Things Up With ‘Moongalba’ EP

Magenta Voyeur’s second EP Moongalba is a versatile and encapsulating record that could stand in as the soundtrack for any Indie film ever released. The mighty four-song EP has a tune for every scene; climatic to mellow with the blend of twangy vocals and psychedelic synth. Each track starts with the prelude, showing us that Magenta Voyeur are the real deal with transitions into solid tunes with memorable vocals. The first track Hex is the perfect opener, introducing the band’s synth-rock style. There’s a lot going on in this track featuring piano, full rock backing and punctuated by the vocals which are reminiscent...

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Caprice Quinn’s Debut Album ‘Le Femme’ Is The Urban Siren Call 2017 Was Waiting For

Caprice Quinn’s debut album Le Femme is the Ashanti-esque, urban siren call 2017 was waiting for. Counterbalancing waif-style vocals with deep bass lines and heavy beats Le Femme harkens back to a time when urban music was raw as hell. The record also makes us nostalgic for our favourite era – the 90s. There is a distinct theme on this album with Caprice tapping into the unique raw-ness the urban genre provides, utilising it to portray her music with a divine feminine sexuality. The Call is an ode to female empowerment. With a cheeky little feature from her partner...

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Review: Chris Pickering’s Latest Album ‘Canyons’ Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Chris Pickering’s latest album Canyons feels like an ode to yesteryear. With musical nods to The Who and The Whitlams; you know you’re in for a good time. The album opens with the eponymous title track Canyons – a slow, melancholic lament with eerie synth, muted keys and deep twangy guitar hooks. Like the opening sequence to a film, it lures you in. Throwing to classic rock roots, second track Circles immediately shifts gear. With its chipper guitar riffs, and super catchy lyrics, it’s a standout track on the album that will have you on your feet dancing. Andalusia is...

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Tunesday Review: Osaka Punch Achieve Major Squad Goals With ‘Death Monster Super Squad’ EP

More baddass than Hellboy? Raunchier than the whole of the Underworld franchise? The new Osaka Punch Death Monster Super Squad record will have you practicing your best slow motion supervillain strut in your best birthday suit – and killing it. Each track on this EP unravels like the story-line of comic-book verse. Osaka Punch has mastered the funk metal fusion, seamlessly integrating deep basslines, falsetto, growls and shredding galore. Eat You Up opens the show with the tried and tested boy meets girl. Featuring ample horns, and one shattering breakdown this story-line is more akin to spider meet fly. Make...

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