Month: March 2017

Review: Magenta Voyeur Switch Things Up With ‘Moongalba’ EP

Magenta Voyeur’s second EP Moongalba is a versatile and encapsulating record that could stand in as the soundtrack for any Indie film ever released. The mighty four-song EP has a tune for every scene; climatic to mellow with the blend of twangy vocals and psychedelic synth. Each track starts with the prelude, showing us that Magenta Voyeur are the real deal with transitions into solid tunes with memorable vocals. The first track Hex is the perfect opener, introducing the band’s synth-rock style. There’s a lot going on in this track featuring piano, full rock backing and punctuated by the vocals which are reminiscent...

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Live Review: Musical Mates Byron Short & The Sunset Junkies, Francesca De Valence and Boatkeeper Make A Night To Remember

Dark, intimate and spotted with candlelight, Black Bear Lodge played host last month to a celebration of two birthdays and a dual single/video launch for Byron Short & The Sunset Junkies’ Young Man’s Dream and Francesca De Valence’s Yellow. Putting the crowd at instant ease with an invitation to “chill out”, Boatkeeper provided warm, honest, witty and intimate storytelling.  The crowd, some of whom relaxed on the floor, listened intently to expressive singing, pretty and rich acoustic guitar, and moved along to the stomp box.  Boatkeeper, who was also celebrating his birthday, took the time to explain the meanings...

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Exclusive: Cloud Tangle’s ‘Pocket’ EP Track-By-Track

“Sinking into a dark rainy sleep while thoughts and emotions paint the walls around you,” is how ambient songstress Amber Ramsay, aka Cloud Tangle, describes the atmosphere she’s created on her recently released, debut EP Pocket. Written in her bedroom over the past year, the songs on Pocket weave similar stories and are based around very contagious human emotions. “I want the record to be something people listen to in solidarity and connect to in their own way,” said Amber. “I love artists who write songs that you can listen to 10 times and hear something new each time...

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Premiere: Topology Announce New Album With ‘Tortured Remixes’ Music Video

From The Saints to The Beatles, Beyoncé to Cold Chisel and many more, Brisbane’s beloved Topology have your favourite musical bases covered on their upcoming album Tortured Remixes. Set for release at West End’s recently opened House Conspiracy as a part of Anywhere Theatre Festival on 11 and 12 May, Tortured Remixes marks the quintet’s 20th anniversary, and sees them return to their house concert roots. Described as “pop filtered through twisted musical minds,” Tortured Remixes bends, stretches and scrambles familiar tunes into adventurous new works. Think complex arrangements inspired by iconic bass lines, well-known solos expanded into chamber...

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Spotlight On: Cloud Tangle

A uniquely-named project that came from a word association session, Cloud Tangle is the musical project of multi-instrumentalist Amber Ramsay. “The cloud aspect represents the music always floating and being light and sometimes dark, and the tangled part is self-explanatory,” said Amber. Growing up listening predominantly to pop, classical, and movie soundtracks, Amber says it was the Amelie soundtrack that first motivated her to start writing her own songs and playing instruments by ear. “It definitely pushed me into the idea of self-teaching and learning by listening or watching, which I still do now with many instruments in my...

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