Month: July 2017

Banter of the Bands: Mecha Mecha VS Trails

We all know the strongest friendships are formed backstage in the greenroom before a show, where bands connect with other bands divulging their deepest, darkest secrets and posing the weirdest, mind-meltingest hypothetical questions. Following their show at Black Bear Lodge last week, we got together with Brisbane alt-rockers Mecha Mecha and Trails for a sincere look into those powerful backstage deep and meaningfuls. Let the banter of the bands begin… MECHA MECHA GRILL TRAILS Read Q+A: Mecha Mecha Grill Trails How did you fellas come up with the name Trails? At the time when we formed, our music was quite...

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Premiere: FriendlyFire Embrace Individuality On Anthemic Debut Album ‘Anti Human’

Giving voice to all those who have ever felt on the outer or misunderstood, Brisbane metal quintet FriendlyFire have turned pain into brilliant art on their debut album Anti Human. Inspired by the band’s own personal demons, Anti Human is a concept album that explores themes of alienation, loneliness, drugs and alcohol abuse, nihilism and existentialism, heartbreak and the slow decay of society. Describing their lead singer as “the Taylor Swift of metal,” lead guitarist Dustin Schmidt says the record is a brutally honest insight into the band’s worldview and the state of mind they were in at the...

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Vincent & Jules Celebrate Second Birthday With Favourite Memories

Did someone say party? For the past two years, Brissie promotions gurus (and MIMM partners in crime) Vincent & Jules, have been kicking arse hosting delectable shows all over this fine city. From benefit gigs, EP launches and deliciously named monthly shows (Cookies and Cream, Buttermilk), this duo, made up of Christina Langham and Amanda Terry, have become the go-to promoters for local acts. As they prepare to ring in their second birthday this weekend with an EPIC blowout at The Zoo (Saturday, 22 July – be there), these fine ladies took a moment to reflect on and recount their favourite moments from the...

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Premiere: ROO Unravel Dark Realities On New EP ‘Bansidhe’

Under the cloak of mythological themes and scary characters, ROO’s third EP Bansidhe unravels dark realities. Trading in their signature blues-rock sound in favour of sparse electronic stylings and emotive, powerhouse vocals, Bansidhe explores themes of stalking, obsession and confusion, bravely charting lead singer Roo’s experience with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. “I was dealing with PTSD when I wrote most of the tracks on Bansidhe. It was hard to go outside and I spent a lot of time alone. Music was my way of making sense of what was happening,” said Roo. “I sat down with my computer and...

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Premiere: The New Buzz Team Up With Karl S Williams On New Single ‘Valley Of Silence’

Heart break and elation; brooding yet hopeful. The New Buzz’s newest slow jam Valley Of Silence brings back old school soul vibes that will simultaneously delight and move you. Featuring the emotive vocals of country crooner Karl S Williams, Valley Of Silence is a straight-up fuzzy soul ballad that conveys a weary tale. Inspired by The Stanley Brothers and the hymn The Lord’s My Shepherd, Karl had most of the lyrics used in the song already written, lying dormant in a dusty old notebook. Matching those verses with the additional lines “I’m going down, to the valley of silence” for the chorus, completed this lyrically thoughtful and musically moving...

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