Month: April 2018

Premiere: Foxymoron Unleash Stealthy Debut Single ‘Thought Criminal’

Like the devil on your shoulder who encourages you to misbehave, Foxymoron’s debut single Thought Criminal is a  driving indie-rock gem that narrates the internal tug-of-war between making good or bad decisions. With an opening riff you could imagine a cartoon villain creeping in the shadows to and smooth as velvet vocals teetering between innocence and guilt, Foxymoron successfully lace serious content throughout delicious pop melodies to create a soundtrack perfect for a Hollywood post-crime getaway. Influenced musically by the likes of Franz Ferdinand and The Strokes, front man Jason Overton says lyrically the song is inspired by the idea...

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Premiere: Ally Palmer Embraces Spontaneity on New Single ‘Under The Night Sky’

Celebrating the silver lining of situations where things don’t go to plan, Ally Palmer’s latest single Under The Night Sky is a whimsical call to ditch your routine; a soundtrack for throwing caution to the wind. Infusing catchy folk lines with chilled out surf vibes, Under The Night Sky radiates a love for the simple things in life, which Ally says comes from her experiences travelling Australia’s beautiful coastlines. “Under The Night Sky was inspired by my travels and learning to go with the flow. I’ve had many adventures in my old, broken down van – from driving along the East Coast of...

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Premiere: Innessa’s Otherworldly New Single ‘Golden Wreath’

A mesmerising infusion of alternative folk and Eastern European influences, Innessa’s new single Golden Wreath, combines powerful messages of hope and unity with transformative music to create an otherworldly sonic experience. Featuring spellbinding vocal melodies reminiscent of those found on the softer end of symphonic metal bands like Nightwish and Sirenia, Golden Wreath is an immersive wonder wall of sound that gives nod to Innessa’s Russian roots and ties to the Western world. “That feeling of East-meets-West, when different cultures come together, that’s what my music is all about; celebrating the elements that make our cultures unique, and infusing...

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Review: Carvel Step Up The Groove On Sophomore EP

Brisbane rockers Carvel take a funky, pop-hook driven journey with their self-titled, sophomore EP, out this Friday, 27 April.  With chiming guitars, upbeat drum grooves, thick bass, and smooth pop vocals this record oozes passion, showcasing the band’s excellent musicianship, self-exploratory lyrics and song-writing chops. The vast sonic atmosphere of Carvel is introduced with Dark Side Of Me before venturing into lead single Colour Me In – a deeply personal track that gives nod, musically, to greats like Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Vile through lively riffs and a killer guitar solo. Behind the catchy chorus lies a message of...

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Premiere: Hallie Tait’s Cathartic Debut Single ‘Banana & Honey’

Turning an unpleasant break up into a delicious musical motif, Hallie Tait’s debut single Banana & Honey is a cathartic alt-folk morsel that will both tickle your funny bone and soothe your soul. After moving halfway across the world hoping to heal her heartache, only to still be left feeling bitter when her ex moved on, Hallie turned to music, penning Banana & Honey to release her emotions. “Banana & Honey was my venting session. It’s brutally honest,” said the Brisbane songstress. “Usually, I am constantly thinking about how I can make a song better or what lyrics I...

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