Month: May 2018

Premiere: Dance Vibes Are Alive On Clawmachine’s Sophomore EP ‘Good Harvest’

If you could capture the serenity of floating on a cloud without a care in the world and turn it into a sonic, all-encompassing sensory experience, the result would be Clawmachine’s dreamy new EP Good Harvest. Hailing from the Gold Coast, Clawmachine is the brainchild of enigmatic producer, Dylan Lindquist, and his equally talented friends, who blend indie, electronic-pop and psychedelic styles to create a laid back, atmospheric sound bed. The follow up to their 2016 self-titled debut, Good Harvest is a record that doesn’t take itself too seriously, providing a soundtrack to life’s lighter moments. “The vision was to create...

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Premiere: Don and the Mobsters Give Exes The Middle Finger On ‘I Wish My Exes Lived In Texas’

Hell hath no fury like a singer-songwriter scorned, and the shade Brissie blues-rockers, Don and the Mobsters, are throwing at their exes in their feisty new single I Wish My Exes Lived In Texas is tongue-in-cheek gold. Initially beginning as a song about one ex, front woman Donnelle Brooks says she quickly ran out of material (as the ex in question wasn’t a particularly interesting chap), so she opted to write a verse about each of her exes instead. I Wish My Exes Lived In Texas is the band’s first release in four years, and takes inspiration from female fronted bands...

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Premiere: Fingerless Channel The X-Files On Cosmic New Single ‘Out There’

Sci-fi lovers of the world unite! Psych-rockers, Fingerless, have penned an intergalactic ode to The X-Files in new single Out There that’ll melt your mind and leave you pondering the curiosities of life. Teaming spacious melodies with hypnotic vocal lines, Out There is the latest offering from the band’s forthcoming concept album Outhere (pronounced ‘Out Here’) which features previous singles Take and Don’t Go. Inspired by hit TV series, The X-Files, Out There encourages listeners to broaden their minds and go against the grain. “Out There is about breaking self-imposed limits on what is normal and expected. On a lighter note, it’s also about breaking open a few Cadbury Crème...

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Premiere: Mermaid Avenue Put New Relationships Under The Microscope On Debut Single ‘Effigy’

Described as the missing link between The Beatles’ She Loves You and The Cult’s She Sells Sanctuary, Mermaid Avenue’s debut single Effigy puts new relationships under the microscope with an indie rock swag. The first single to be released from the band’s upcoming debut album Temptation And Half The Truth, Effigy addresses the dating or ‘warm up’ phase of a relationship – those uncharted waters between lust, and the potential of something more. “Effigy is that moment just after that initial blush of a new relationship when the first cracks appear and you’re not sure whether you’ve fallen for the real person or some idealised...

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Premiere: TRAILS’ Emotionally Existential Single ‘Phasing Out’

Tackling the indescribable loss we all feel at some point in our lives, TRAILS’ cosmic new single Phasing Out, is a cathartic release that packs an emotional punch. Space-tinged guitars sparkle amidst a towering wall of synths, providing a mesmerising alt-rock sound bed upon which front man Tyler Shilling’s brooding vocals relay the experience of despair and grief that comes from watching someone you care about slowly deteriorate and succumb to illness. “Phasing Out is about that universal grief we all feel when we experience loss in our lives,” said Tyler. “The narrator in Phasing Out goes through the stages of mourning; first...

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