She’s taken out a Queensland Music Award, won an ACS QLD Gold Award and played local music festivals, but Brisbane pop songstress Doolie is only just getting started. Accomplishing all of these things in her final year of high school last year, Doolie’s ready to up the ante on her music career now that she’s free from the 9 to 3 grind.

Kicking off 2017 with a suave tour for her latest single Exhale, we asked her to share some fun facts about herself that many people don’t know. Here’s what we learned about one of Brisbane’s most promising rising stars…


  1. I love dumplings! I’m a massive fan of Asian cuisine, it’s my ‘go to’ food when I’m out and about, instead of getting a Happy Meal from Maccas, I get myself some gyoza, (preferably pork), edamame and miso soup and dumplings are like my Scooby Snax!
  2. I don’t think I ever did a full week of Year 12. I was always more interested in my music instead of school. I appreciated all the support that was given to me by my teachers and friends, but I knew I wasn’t in the right environment and that meant that I had to put school before music a lot of the time which I hated – I couldn’t wait to leave and immerse myself in my music.
  3. I live with Type 1 Diabetes. This is a condition I have lived with since I was six years old. It’s pretty relentless because you can never have a ‘day off’ managing sugar levels. When I perform or in the studio for the day, I make sure that I have fuelled up and have plenty of supplies to keep my levels in the zone. I also make sure that people with me know what to do if I have a hypo.
  4. I taught my dog ‘Ockie’ to sing – he is so cute and clever! It started when I was playing piano working on a song a while back and he sat beside me and started to chime in. So, I thought, I can work with this and now he sings on command.
  5. I have a massive fear of caterpillars and off-milk. I don’t know why but they have always creeped me out, big or small. And milk, if it’s close to its use by date – I can’t touch it, we’re not friends!
  6. I’m a big Disney princess fan – Pocahontis, Belle and Ariel. I have watched these movies a thousand times over and used to love dressing up as them, singing away in my own Disney world.
  7. I’ve never had a job besides being a musician. Music is a big part of me and has been since I was really young. I started singing classes when I was four years old at the Johnny Young Talent School as well as tap dancing at Miss Lou’s Lou’s in Melbourne – it’s pretty clear that singing is my thing (you don’t see me tap dancing anywhere!!).

For a night full of glitter, power vocals, new tunes and a damn good time, grab tickets to the last show of Doolie’s Exhale Tour this Saturday, 4 February at The Basement (Nambour). All event information HERE.