Author: Dean Hamilton

Review: Red Deer Festival’s Last Hurrah A Huge Huzzah (PART I)

This year we mourn the loss of another music festival, with it being Red Deer Festival’s last hurrah on Saturday, 14 October. An energetic and diverse line up had been crafted to celebrate past festivals and represent up-to-the-minute popular groups, and promised to be a highlight of the festival season. Mother nature had other ideas. The Red Deer experience began not at the entrance, but with the journey there. Weaving through the vivid green wild of Brisbane’s far north-west set the mood perfectly, low cloud and gentle rain creating anticipation by shrouding what lay around each corner. Arriving at...

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Review: All Strings Attached Genre-Bend With Debut Album ‘Incantations For Strange Folk’

Steadily building a reputation for powerful performances on the festival circuit and having an E.P. under their belts, All Strings Attached have been on the rise since 2015. This year sees the release of their debut album, Incantations For Strange Folk, and a consolidation of a musical identity which they hold all on their own. Not afraid to stretch to the very extremes of multiple genres within one track, All Strings Attached deftly blend the disparate sonic palettes of punk, metal and folk which when described here in text shouldn’t quite work but in practice is dynamic, beautifully melodic...

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Review: NJR’s Eulogies EP Pays Homage To Guitar Bands Of The Past

Having lived through what appears to be the very last wave of ‘guitar bands’ NJR tugs at my heartstrings just so when his bio proclaims “…rock stars still exist, but the ones that predominantly play guitar have become increasingly redundant.” So, it was with some trepidation that I approached Eulogies, a collection of songs penned by the artist over the last decade. Fortunately, my fears were allayed before the end of the first track Sinister Pinstripe, with dirty staccato guitars crunching into my ears. The instrumentation is sparse and without a rhythm section to speak of it falls to the...

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Review: Mountain Goat Valley Crawl Spotlights Australia’s Diverse Musical Playground (Part II)

Returning for 2017, The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl had Fortitude Valley buzzing early and expectations were high for this sophomoric festival. Here’s PART II of our review… WHALEHOUSE @ THE ZOO Heading into the newly refurbished Zoo with the remains of the late summer sun burning through the windows, WHALEHOUSE conga-ed onto stage in a cardboard box ship (of sorts) which, when dropped, revealed marine themed smocks. Kicking straight into high gear with their trademark high energy punk, the early party-goers were dancing before the end of the first song. After covering Bikini Kill track Rebel Girl they introduced...

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Druovanni Defoe Brings Back RnB Heyday With Debut Album ‘The Maestro’

I have to confess that everything I know about hip-hop comes from watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and being subjected to the same TLC tape over and over when I shared a room with my sister as a kid. Even so, Druovanni Defoe’s debut release The Maestro is accessible and easily absorbed as it explores the same introspective themes as many successful albums before it. Themes including reconciling youthful dreams with current reality, learning to move on and embracing the life you have. Along with this there are a few thinly veiled jibes at pop culture and politics....

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